Ubuntu backmerging team

What is Utnubu?

Utnubu is Ubuntu spelled backwards. Its name is just a pun with no intention of being sneer, our aim is to port packages and fixes from Ubuntu back to Debian, at least where this seems reasonable.

Things to do

For any Debian enthusiast

Please help us verify whether these intents to adopt (ITA) or to package (ITP) are still being worked on by contacting the owners of these ITP and ITA reports. Maybe the owner of the ITP/ITA has not yet discovered the available package in Ubuntu. Maybe the owner of the ITP/ITA has lost interest, so then it is better to retitle the report to O/RFP/RFA so that someone else can continue. Don't forget to be polite, friendly and gentle.

How to retitle an ITP to RFP: send an e-mail to control@bugs.debian.org with these lines in the body of the e-mail.

retitle bugnumber RFP: packagename -- short description of the package
noowner bugnumber

More details about the tags ITA/ITP/O/RFA/RFP are explained on the WNPP page.

For the mentioned packagers

Please update your packages on this list of packages in Debian with newer versions in Ubuntu. The package in Ubuntu might inspire you to solve any tricky new things. Get yourself off this list ASAP. :)

For sponsors (must be DD)

If you are a DD and you are looking for packages to sponsor, here's a list of packages needing a sponsor. The packages marked red are newer in Ubuntu so these need an update in Debian.

For packagers, including non-DD's

If you have some time to create another Debian package, then feel free to choose one from this list of packages in Ubuntu and not yet in Debian or from this list of sources in Ubuntu but not in Debian by popcon. Packages from Ubuntu should flow into Debian like any other package from outside Debian; ITP, maintainers, RFS etc. Non-DD's are welcome to ask guidance on debian-mentors@lists.debian.org after reading some documentation about Debian packaging basics.